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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) Growth Efforts Highlighted in Seeking Alpha Article

In an article published in late January on Seeking Alpha, research analyst Chris Katje made note of Chanticleer Holdings’ growth efforts in fast casual restaurants, international expansion of the well-known Hooters brand, and other areas. Noting that the small-cap holding company’s shares were up 48% in 2013, Mr. Katje predicted, “The company should see strong results as it begins to monetize its international markets and latest acquisitions.”

Acquisition of Spoon Bar & Kitchen

Mr. Katje then turned to the concrete details of Chanticleer’s most recent acquisition, Spoon Bar & Kitchen from Texas-based CapRock Services. A single-location seafood restaurant in Dallas, Texas, Spoon Bar & Kitchen is known for its upscale, award-winning dining experience. Chanticleer Holdings announced its plans to turn and expand the 58-seat restaurant into a fast casual concept. The restaurant’s executive chef, John Tesar, was also noted to be remaining in charge of the brand’s cuisine as well assisting in Chanticleer Holdings’ concept expansionary efforts, strengthening its chances for success.

It was also noted that CapRock Services plans to do further deals with Chanticleer Holdings, as it announced its active search for “growth concepts, with three to 10 units, to help add to Chanticleer [Holdings’] growing portfolio.” Mr. Katje pointed to success stories such as PF Chang’s development of Pei Wei as a well-known fast casual concept as an indicator of his bullishness.

Hooters and Its Growth

Mr. Katje also highlighted the growth of Chanticleer Holdings’ higher-scale international growth efforts, namely in its expansion of the Hooters brand. In 2011, the holdings company had acquired a small minority ownership of the company, and has since obtained exclusive rights to open Hooters locations in South Africa, Hungary, England, and parts of Brazil. The company also has a joint venture deal with Hooters in Australia.

The article noted that as of now, Chanticleer Holdings has 5 Hooters in South Africa, 1 location in Australia (with 2 locations expected to be coming soon), 2 locations in Europe, and 1 soon-to-be-opened location in Brazil (in time for the World Cup). Based on its analysis, the company believes that it can support up to 75 Hooters locations in its current international territories across the globe. It also announced the acquisitions of two domestic Hooters locations in Oregon and Washington as well, citing the northwestern United States’ appeal for growing the Hooters brand as well as its other concepts.

Other Endeavors

Mr. Katje then mentioned the company’s acquisition of Just Fresh, a fast casual healthy brand with five locations, and American Roadside Burgers, a fast casual burger chain with five locations. The company announced its plans to franchise both of these concepts for greater regional market coverage. Chanticleer Holdings was also noted to possess a small stake of ownership in Appalachian Mountain Brewery, a craft brewer that could bring stronger shareholder value as the company puts the beer in its restaurant holdings. Mr. Katje also made light of the company’s investment in Beacher’s Madhouse, a recently opened Las Vegas MGM hotel attraction. Chanticleer Holdings has exclusive rights for more Beacher locations in the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

Mr. Katje concluded the article by noting that Chanticleer Holdings’ diverse restaurant holdings, along with its robust international market reach and potential for international franchising of its own brands, could leave the doors open to pronounced shareholder value in the future.

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