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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) Channeling Profit Potential of Classic Good Eats at Global Scale

Chanticleer Holdings seeks to become a global success in the highly competitive restaurant sector. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company’s primary focus is currently on expanding one of the most iconic and well-known U.S. restaurant brands to date to emerging international markets. As of now, it wholly or partially owns Hooters restaurants in South Africa, Hungary, and strategic parts of Brazil. It also has a joint venture with the current Hooters franchisee in Australia, and with a group of private equity investors holds ownership in Hooters of America (HOA), a privately held company. Currently, HOA is an operator and the franchisor of over 412 Hooters® restaurants in 28 countries.

Mapping out its current territorial holdings, Chanticleer Holdings estimates there’s room for over 75 Hooters locations across the globe. The company selects territories for targeting based on select criteria with the following elements:

• International Hooters territory with no existing franchisee or a territory to partner with current franchisee
• Strong local market dynamics, including compelling demographics and economic growth measures
• Capacity to partner with highly-experienced and well-capitalized restaurant operators in local international market
• Identification of restaurant locations with attractive leasehold economies
• Maintenance of focused growth strategy with focus on expected ROI and increasing shareholder value

As noted in a recent article on Seeking Alpha, Chanticleer Holdings hopes to have four more Hooters locations in Brazil by the end of 2013, bringing its goal total to 10 locations up-and-running globally by year-end. The first location is set to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The timing for having this classic brand in place at this location will be perfect, just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. Other market factors such as low unemployment and Brazilian income growth of 10% also show these international locations’ profit potential.

Aside from channeling the popular Hooters brand on a global scale, Chanticleer Holdings has been capitalizing on attractive domestic opportunities. The company assumed operating control of a five-location burger joint located in Charlotte, American Roadside Burgers. It acquired the 100% acquisition of this restaurant chain back in September of this year.

Chanticleer Holdings continues to grow on a worldwide scale and seek new opportunities for diversification. With an experienced management team in place, it just may well have the markings of being a global success.

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