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Brain Scientific Inc. (BRSF) Poised to Offer Brain Monitoring Solution as Research Shows Neurological Findings in COVID-19 Long-Haulers

  • Most extensive research to date reports significant neurological problems in patients who suffered from so-called long-haul COVID-19
  • Neurological issues range from mild to more severe such as cognitive impairment, which affects around 20% of these patients
  • BRSF appears poised to be part of the solution as long-haulers need monitoring so that doctors can assess if they have neurological disorders

The neurological and psychiatric aftermath of COVID-19 has been reported, but adequately assessing the effects of the disease on brain health still remains a challenge. A new preprint analysis, representing one of the most extensive studies of neuropsychiatric symptoms among COVID-19 long-haulers, reports that patients who have been sick with COVID-19 for more than three weeks experience cognitive impairment at least six months after the infection ( Brain Scientific (OTCQB: BRSF), a neurology-focused medical device and software company, is poised to provide brain monitoring capabilities to enable clinicians to study the brain wave activity of patients with neurological conditions. 

So-called long COVID has gained momentum over the past year as some patients reported persistent neurological and psychiatric manifestations after their initial infection. The extensive research studied nearly 19,000 adult patients across 51 studies, discussing evidence indicating a potential relationship between COVID-19 and persistent neurological problems. These problems could range from milder symptoms, including headaches, loss of sense of smell and taste, and fatigue, to more severe conditions, including sleep disorders, pain, and cognitive impairment such as brain fog leading to memory loss or difficulty concentrating or making decisions. 

The study found that brain fog affects 20% of Coronavirus long-haulers, while 27% of them reported insomnia, and 24% reported fatigue, both of which researchers believe could stem from neurological issues, although that might not be the only possible cause. Brain fog can have varying impacts on patients; for some, it may be life-altering, while for others can be a minor inconvenience. 

However, diagnosing long-term COVID-19 symptoms remains a challenge as doctors are still learning the underlying mechanisms of how the virus works. For example, without knowing how long these neurological symptoms last, doctors are not able to classify them as neurological disorders or even chronic illnesses. The researchers conclude that doctors will need to track long-haulers to decipher whether they have neurological disorders after they suffered and survived Coronavirus infection.

As a growing body of research indicates, the long-term outlook for COVID-19 patients is still uncertain. Long haul Covid-19 survivors will need ongoing medical help to track and manage the long-term impact of the virus on their health, including brain health. That’s where Brain Scientific’s unique technology can help.

The Company has developed NeuroEEG(TM), a portable, wireless device that can record and display the patient’s electrical brain activity that works together with the NeuroCap(TM) — a hospital-grade disposable EEG headset that comes in sizes for adults and pediatric patients.  Brain Scientific is working on developing another revolutionary technology — Brain E-Tattoo(TM), a minimally invasive four-channel implant or imprint tattoo designed for long-term brain wave activity monitoring even beyond the clinical setting. It can provide access to long-term neurological studies, potentially helping identify root neurological problems. 

More than a year into the pandemic, it remains a challenge to understand the immediate effect of the virus on brain health, with no definite answer regarding the long-term impact either ( The scientific world is only starting to truly grasp the effect of COVID-19 on the brain. Brain Scientific appears poised to be a key player providing unparalleled technology that will potentially contribute to providing answers to the most pressing issues in the modern brain diagnostics space. 

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