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Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Owes It All to Experience

In a relatively short time, Uranium Energy Corp. has managed to separate itself from virtually every other uranium exploration company in the country. While other emerging companies have struggled both financially and technologically to establish themselves in the industry, UEC has been able to successfully identify and mine the most promising sites in the U.S., acquire and bring online one of the county’s few fully licensed and permitted uranium processing plants, and even secure a multi-year uranium sales contract for 300,000 pounds of uranium.

The reason for the dramatic difference between UEC and everyone else is clearly the technical team behind the company. Together they represent a depth of uranium industry experience unmatched for a developing company.

• Harry Anthony (COO, Director) is internationally recognized for his knowledge of the uranium industry. A professional engineer for 36 years, Mr. Anthony has gained particular recognition for his pioneering work in the field of In Situ Recovery (ISR), a far more cost effective and environmentally sound method of uranium extraction now used around the world.

• Clyde Yancey (VP of Exploration) has been heavily involved with the uranium industry for 33 years, from his initial work with the Uranium and Thorium Resources Branch of the USGS, through his years of industrial work in exploration and ISR. Mr. Yancey brings a special expertise in the field of reclamation, and is a Registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming and Texas.

• Robert Underdown (VP of Production) has held a variety of senior operational positions at ISR uranium mines in Texas since 1978, with an extensive background in the design, management, and reclamation of ISR uranium mines. He has a thorough working knowledge of regulatory agencies, and has held responsibility for the management and safety of hundreds of mining personnel.

• Curtis Sealy (VP of Health, Safety, and the Environment) is a Registered Professional Engineer with 40 years of experience in mine construction and other large-scale engineering projects, and has industrial uranium mining experience with several companies. Most recently he served as VP of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs for Energy Metals Corp., acquired by Uranium One in 2007.

• Ed Brezinski (VP of Marketing & Sales) has over 25 years of experience with utility companies and uranium commodity brokers, with a focus on the marketing of uranium and related products. Prior to joining UEC, he served as Vice President of Nuclear Fuel Supply for NYSE-listed Energy Solutions Inc.

• Leonard Garcia (VP of Land) brings over 30 years of experience in mineral title research, lease negotiations, and acquisitions. He has worked with some of the biggest energy related companies in the country and is a Registered Professional Landman.

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