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ZVUE Corp. (ZVUE) Receives Orders for 50,000 New Media Players

A major national mass market retailer recently sent orders for three new media players to the global digital entertainment company ZVUE Corporation (NASD: ZVUE). These players represent part of a new product offering from the company, which they will introduce to the market in 2008 as part of their new strategy to deliver value-based handheld media players that feature fresh designs and pre-packaging. Earlier this year, the company unveiled their new strategy with the successful launch of ZVUE Spirit personal media player. The company has received orders for 50,000 units, as the total value of the three new digital devices is approximately $1.75 million.

Each of the new players will be tied to a specific theme or promotion, similar to the Spirit. Two of the new players are MP3 video players featuring a 2.4 inch screen, FM tuner, photo slide show, voice recorder, and expandable micro SD card slot. The third gadget is an MP3 player which will be equipped with 1 GB of memory and a voice recorder with a built-in speaker. The company confirmed that they intend to deliver the players during the third quarter of 2008. As a result of these orders, ZVUE will have received firm orders for nearly 100% of last year’s total unit volume and nearly 60% of 2007 sales, with room for additional projects.

“The ZVUE products team continues to execute successfully its strategy to ’source, enhance and sell’ ZVUE’s unique and targeted pre-loaded product offerings,” commented Jeff Oscodar, president and CEO of ZVUE Corporation. “I’m thrilled that for the second time in three months we have received orders that will put new ZVUE products into mass market retail distribution.”

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