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Zoom Technologies, Inc. (ZOOM) Leimone Brand Sees Tenfold Guidance Increase

Zoom Technologies, a Chinese manufacturer of mobile phones, announced today that orders for its Leimone branded mobile phones continue to be strong in the second half of 2010. In response, Zoom is increasing its unit sales guidance for the brand by 17% – up from 600,000 to 700,000 – representing a tenfold increase from 2009.

In the first half of 2010, Zoom sold approximately 128,000 Leimone branded phones, and in the second half of the year the company expects to sell 580,000, including 100,000 of a new 3G model.

Being sold through both China telecom as well as other retail outlets, Zoom’s Leimone brand phones have a higher profit margin than their EMS business.

The Leimone product lineup includes 17 models of smartphones, three of which run on China’s 3G networks. Zoom’s first Leimone 3G phone was produced for China Telecom’s 3G market in early 2010; a success that was followed by two additional 3G models, each aimed at separate demographics: professionals and youths.

Mr. Leo Gu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zoom Technologies, stated, “We are proud of our continued expansion in the rapidly growing China 3G market and our ability to produce mobile products for top tier Chinese mobile phone companies. Leimone brand mobile phones are extremely popular with the growing number of young people in China who seek feature-rich, mid-priced and sleek designed mobile phones. In addition, our ability to significantly increase our manufacturing capabilities in the second half of 2010 underscores our strong position in the robust China mobile phone market.”

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