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Zoom Technologies, Inc. (ZOOM) Enjoys High Acceptance for Leimone Brand Mobile Phones

Located in Beijing, Zoom Technologies is a holding company with subsidiaries that engage in the manufacturing, research and development, and sale of electronic and telecommunication products for the latest generation mobile phones, wireless communication circuitry, and related software products. Recently, Zoom earned national recognition their unique Leimone brand phones which have pioneered the China’s mobile phone sector.

The Leimone brand mobile phone is designed specifically for China Telecom’s 3G network recently rolled out in China. This advanced multi-media business phone allows the user access to two mobile phone lines within a single device. Today, Zoom proudly announced that 128,000 Leimone brand mobile phones were sold within the first half of 2010, including 16,000 units of the latest 3G design.

China Telecom, which is one of China’s major mobile phone operator’s, has been a leading retailer of the Leimone. Zoom has also had their Leimone sold through various retail channels and the phone has received a higher profit margin than even the company’s contract engineering and manufacturing (EMS) business activities.

Leading the way at Zoom Technologies is Mr. Leo Gu who serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO. Commenting on the potential of the Leimone line, Gu was quoted as saying, “Our Leimone phones are extremely popular for their ease of use and attractive price points, a great fit for the growing number of young people in China seeking mid-priced phones with sleek designs. We will continue to focus our manufacturing activities on our core business and explore potential ancillary revenue streams made available by the increasing use of China’s 3G networks. We are only beginning to take advantage of the growth in China’s mobile phone market for the foreseeable future. With 14 production lines, we have the capacity to manufacture up to 10 million units for our EMS customers and at the same time, produce 12 models of our own feature-rich handsets equipped with the latest technologies, including four models for the 3G networks, two of which we have already introduced this year.”

Currently, Zoom Technologies is trading in the $5.17 range. The young company has shown Wall Street that it has the potential to quickly become a global player and with successful launch of several Leimone models thus far in 2010, Zoom anticipates selling more than 600,000 Leimone units by the end of this year.

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