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Zhone Technologies, Inc. (ZHNE) Chosen to Support Birch Communication’s IP Network Upgrade

Today, Zhone Technologies, Inc. announced that its MALC multi-service access platform (MSAP) has been selected by Birch Communications to boost network performance and cut ownership costs. Birch Communications, one of the largest local exchange carriers in the 31-state Southeast, Southwest and Midwest regions, anticipates offering all of its access offerings, including EFM, ADSL2+, T1 and voice over Internet Protocol, via one integrated platform.

“There is a race to help carriers realize the inherent efficiency gains by migrating to IP networks and MSAP provisioning,” stated Steven Glapa, Zhone’s VP of product management and marketing. “The Birch network strategy is a model for fast-growth service providers adapting to escalating demands for ultra high efficiency IP networks. By selecting Zhone’s MSAP, Birch can provision higher profit, higher performance access services while cutting ownership costs by up to 50 percent.”

Tom Stachowiak, VP of Engineering for Birch Communications, commented, “We selected Zhone because it is recognized as a premier, best-in-class IP equipment provider with over 700 operator deployments worldwide. Our customers have extremely high expectations for Birch’s reliability, and the capabilities of the Birch network and Zhone’s equipment is operating flawlessly.”

“Our new IP network upgrades allow us to provide more features, flexibility and savings to Texas businesses.” added Chris Aversano, COO for Birch. “By utilizing secure, private IP technology, Birch is able to offer its customers unique bundled local voice and high speed internet services, including T1 services at very attractive price points.”

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