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Workstream, Inc. (WSTM) Provides State-of-the-Art Performance Management and Employee Lifecycle Solutions

Workstream, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTM) is a leading provider of on-demand compensation, performance and talent management solutions that help companies manage the entire employee lifecycle. The company’s TalentCenter provides a unified view of all Workstream products and services offered on a monthly subscription basis under an on-demand software delivery model, allowing companies to build high-performing teams while controlling costs.

Workstream’s technology provides more than 5,000 pages of out-of-the-box HR and benefits related content to help customers get up and running quickly. In addition, this technology can manage multi-lingual content within the Workstream TalentCenter, including support for multi-byte character sets. Adding to the technology’s efficiency and compatibility, the TalentCenter applications leverage a common security and authentication framework and can integrate with multiple ERP systems.

The Workstream TalentCenter also provides a variety of performance-based content, including the Workstream Competency Dictionary that includes more than 9,000 functional competencies, 60 behavioral competencies and over 400 job descriptions and covering most organizations functional areas. With offices across North America, Workstream’s customers include Chevron, Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo.

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