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Workstream, Inc. (WSTM) Provides Next Generation Knowledge Management Functionality

Workstream, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTM) is a leading provider of on-demand compensation, performance and talent management solutions that help companies manage the entire employee lifecycle. The company’s WorkStream Communicator is a state-of-the-art knowledge management system. By utilizing straightforward functionality, the WorkStream Communicator is easy to use and provides an intuitive authoring environment that allows HR professionals to manage and distribute content without the need of expensive IT resources.

In addition to the WorkStream Communicator, the Workstream Competency Manager enables organizations to manage and customize the company’s proprietary human capital content. This solution saves companies time and money by allowing the customization of competencies, roles and job descriptions instead of creating content from scratch.

The WorkStream Competency Manager also offers the ability to edit the 10 interview questions included for each of the 60 behavioral competencies, ensuring that the hiring process focuses on the competencies and behaviors that best predict top performance. With offices across the United States and North America, Workstream’s customers include Chevron, Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo.

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