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Workstream Inc (WSTM) Helps Businesses More Efficiently Manage Employee Information

In today’s workplace environment, professionals are no longer working decades at one company until they retire. Instead, people are looking at new opportunities to develop their careers to get to the next level. As qualified employees are getting harder to find, companies are looking towards better methods to manage and retain their current workforce. Workstream Inc (WSTM) has developed solutions that allow companies to manage employee lifecycles from recruitment to retirement.

Workstream TalentCenter 7.0 is the company’s latest on-demand compensation, performance, and talent management system. The system utilizes Web 2.0 technology to eliminate the need for extensive training sessions, which improves user acceptance and streamlines transition time. The standard solution is flexible enough to use with any company’s best practices processes, thus eliminating the need for customization.

TalentCenter 7.0 is designed with line-of-sight goals and drill-down dashboards, which ensures the system is strategically aligned with an organization. With the ability to access HR records and analytics information, managers are empowered to make more informed decisions regarding employee deployment, advancement, and career planning.

TalentCenter 7.0 also assists human resources personnel to more effectively manage employee records. The system has built-in tools for managing HR information with point-and-click configuration capabilities that improve the efficiency of the system. Elements such as pay-for-performance, succession planning, and employee development can easily be updated in a single unified view.

Workstream’s solutions allow companies to manage and understand their employees in a more streamlined manner. Human resources will no longer be required to have face-to-face meetings with managers to review candidate paperwork. Discussions between hiring managers and HR can be done via conference call while each accesses the dashboard in the comfort of their own office. This is ideal for large companies and companies with multiple office locations.

Who knew that managing employee information could be this easy?

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