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Wordlogic Corporation (WLGC) Files Patent Lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz

WordLogic Corporation describes itself as a software company that delivers advanced “predictive” solutions designed to accelerate the entry of text and information into personal computing devices ranging from small handheld PDAs to Tablet and Desktop computers.

The WordLogic Predictive Keyboard™ software provides an entry system that adjusts to a user’s vocabulary to anticipate the next most common letters, words or phrases. The software enables faster text entry – saving time and improving productivity. The WordLogic products can be used in any application where you enter text. Unlike other programs, it does not require typing into a dedicated window. Typing is done in the original application, and WordLogic is used only when needed.

For handheld products, WordLogic utilizes a special gesturing technology: sliding the stylus across the screen to the desired word choice. Gesturing increases the ease of text entry, reducing it to a few slight gestures of the stylus. WordLogic enables you to perform common keyboarding tasks (e.g. entering a space or a new line, removing a character) by a mere quick move of the stylus.

The technology is proprietary and protected by U.S. patent #7293231, “Data entry for personal computing devices” and by European patents #1171813 and $1356368, respectively “Data entry for personal computing devices” and “Data entry method and system for personal computer, and corresponding computer readable medium”. Further patents are pending in the U.S. and other countries.

The US patent 7293231 is the one in question. Is this just another “look and feel” question, as was the case with Lotus and Excel, or was the software technology actually infringed upon? The courts will decide whether Mercedes “willfully” infringed on the patent. A successful lawsuit could bring millions of royalties to WordLogic. It is a bold move for a small company against a giant. Wordlogic clearly believes it has been wronged.

Wordlogic is currently trading around $1.80 on volume of approximately 110k shares at midday. The 52-week spread for the stock is $.21 to $4.38. The high was in November of last year. Wordlogic has yet to make a profit, and has minimal revenue. The lawsuit may rightfully bring sales that should have been accorded to it before. It remains for the courts to decide.

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