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William Blaire & Co Set Knot Inc (KNOT) to OutPerform Based on Potential and Continually Replenishing Market

In news yesterday, William Blaire & Co announced it initiated analyst coverage of KNOT Inc and gave it an “Outperform” rating. The news sent the stock price up yesterday, but it has come back down today. This month’s high was $12.00 a share. Today it is trading at its new low of $9.74. The 52 week high is $23.37 and the previous low was $9.76.

The Knot, Inc provides multiplatform media services to the wedding and newlywed markets in the United States. The services include providing ideas, information, and resources to assist in planning a wedding. Products and services include interactive wedding planning tools, personal wedding websites, gift registries and everything a bride-to-be could think of needing.

Blaire & Co believes that Knot has an annual revenue opportunity of three to five billion dollars from couples who have extravagant tastes and are about to wed. Knot intends to expand its position from providing comprehensive information to providing services. This may mean acquisition of complimentary companies, but will also increase the opportunity to leverage opportunities with advertisers, which will also bring in key revenue.

Knot is pursuing multiple media platforms. The recent purchase of the WeddingChannel has increased its share of the online bridal audience. provides services and products to newlyweds and growing families. Knot also recently entered a registration rights agreement with Macy’s, Inc., which resulted in 7% of Knot’s consolidated net revenues during the 1st quarter of 2008.

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