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Why the Global Business of Graham Corporation (AMEX: GHM) is Such an Exceptional Small Capital Stock Investment Opportunity

Investors and other stakeholders may be divided over alternative energy and fossil fuel choices, but we can all agree that energy efficiency is a common priority for all of us. Everyone gains if we can make alternative energy forms more affordable, or reduce harmful air emissions for each unit of energy used from conventional sources.

This company has products to condense steam, or to transfer heat, using vacuums. The company does this by using a variety of materials, designed to meet harsh levels of corrosion. It is able to deliver solutions to industrial customers in all sizes and designs to meet custom specifications. These strengths allow the company to meet business needs from process industries, nuclear facilities, and power-generation plants of all sources, engineering firms, and Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The extraordinary range of options that the company has for expanding its business comes with wholly owned subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and in China. This factor protects investors from threats of a depreciating dollar, and actually translates the deficit economy of the US in to an advantage for American stock holders.

The management has achieved dramatic profitability improvements during the quarter ended December 2007, over the full calendar year. The net margin has touched 18.24% and returns on average equity have crossed 37%. The order for condensers received from a Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) facility in China, announced by the management towards the end of January 2008, sets an encouraging tone for the fiscal year ahead.

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