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Westwood One Inc. (WON) – A Major Content Provider

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in New York City, Westwood One Inc. is a content provider to various media partners. They offer more than 150 news, sports, music, talk, and entertainment programs, as well as features and live events. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the company is part of the General Entertainment industry in the Services sector. Westwood and their subsidiaries provide information services and programming to the radio, TV, and online industries in the United States.

Their subsidiaries, Metro Networks and Shadow Broadcast Services, provide analog and digital local content to radio and TV stations. This includes news, video news services, sports, traffic reporting services, weather, and other information. They also supply this content to the Worldwide Web. Westwood One serves their radio content to more than 5,000 radio stations.

Westwood also operates radio networks that engage in producing and distributing daily content and special event programs, in addition to local content. The company offers customized information reports, customized graphics, and other visual programming elements to television stations. The company’s SmartRoute Systems manage traffic information centers for departments of transportation at the local and state level. They also market traffic and travel content to Internet and in-vehicle navigation systems, voice portal and wireless users. CBS Radio Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBS Corporation, manages Westwood One Inc.

Last week, Westwood announced their plans for restructuring the traffic operations of their Metro Networks subsidiary. Westwood One’s streamlined traffic business will now utilize new digital technologies. They will provide enhanced 24/7 traffic coverage and more efficiently synchronize their resources for greater operational efficiency.

Now using cellular probe technology, the company’s Metro Networks has now expanded their U.S. roadway coverage, integrating this technology into their traffic reports. This digital technology platform allows the company to bring together traffic resources from 60 operations centers into 13 regional hubs. It also enables them to improve their service to small, medium, and large markets, as well as alleviate demands on their aerial reporting units.

Westwood One Inc. continues to be an innovative media content provider. They are working across all media platforms supplying a diverse range of programming. They are making sure they take advantage of new media opportunities to further both company and shareholder growth.

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