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Wear Stock-Owner and Customer Hats of the Ensign Group Incorporated (ENSG)

There was a time when equal rights for minorities and women defined the state of social development. Fortunately, we can take such freedoms for granted now. It is time to move on to better care for the aged. Longevity is also a marker of social and national evolution. Long-term care is good business and socially relevant as well.

This small-capital member of the Healthcare Facilities Industry from Mission Viejo, CA excels in making the autumns of lives pleasurable and dignified. Dividends from this business have grown by more than 60% over the last five years, while business has expanded by over 30%. The Price to Earnings Ratio on a Trailing Twelve Months Basis is less than 12. No stock-investor requirement is wanting in this case.

There is more than money to this stock. The corporation has 61 facilities with over 7 thousand beds, supported by highly skilled and dedicated nursing personnel. The company meets the highest standards of rehabilitation and long term care. The business renders yeoman service to society, apart from superior business and stock performance. None of us would like to require nursing, but it is good to know that such a high-quality service is available when we grow old.

The business management structure of the stock is exceptionally stable. The company owns a number of subsidiaries with autonomous operations and resources. Many of the nursing locations are leased rather than owned. This model gives the stock great flexibility, while retaining opportunities to expand as well.

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