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Wave Systems Corp. (WAVX) Announces Global Expansion with Addition of IT Security Veteran Joseph Souren

Located in London, Wave has quickly earned a stellar reputation on Wall Street for reducing complexity, cost and uncertainty of data protection. Today, Wave announced the company plans to expand into Europe, the Middle East and Africa to capitalize on the growing demand for trusted computing security solutions that help organizations thwart the rise in cyber threat and comply with EU data protection regulations.

To lead this new wave of expansion, Wave has named security veteran Joseph Souren, MBS, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA to execute a sales strategy and build out the company’s channel program. Souren has led an illustrious career where he most recently served as VP of CA Technologies’ Internet Security Business Unit.

With an already strong customer-base in Europe through an array of customer relationships, EMEA will bring greater notoriety and acclaim to the young company. In reference to such expansion, Wave’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales stated, “EMEA is a critical market for Wave and we’re committing greater resources and personnel to expand our customer base there. With yesterday’s security failing organizations at an alarming rate, it’s increasingly clear that organizations need a better approach — one rooted in hardware — to secure their networks and protect their data. Wave brings the knowledge and experience to provide businesses with the framework to establish a known computing environment.”

Commenting on why he joined the team at Wave, Mr. Souren stated, “I joined Wave for one reason — it has unrivaled expertise, knowledge and technology to uniquely address the crisis in global network security. Wave offers a framework for establishing greater security, ensuring that data thieves cannot steal the ‘crown jewels’ of the organization — its intellectual property. We are committed to retaining and expanding the current channel program, and adding local support resources. The VAR channel is especially important in EMEA.”

Currently, Wave Systems is trading in the $2.62 range. To learn more about the company as a whole, visit their corporate website at:

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