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Voyant International Corp. (VOYT) is Catching the Pulse of the Digital World

Voyant International Corp. is a media and technology holding company focusing its efforts on bringing new technologies, media assets, and strategic partnerships together to provide creative solutions to enhance the digital world. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company works with strategic partners in the technology and entertainment sectors to locate, partner with, and acquire complementary technologies and media assets.

Voyant lists on the OTCBB as part of the Business Software and Services industry in the Technology sector and has a market capitalization of $20.09 million. Voyant involves itself in every facet of the business, from content creation to direct distribution to consumers. It acquires companies, invests in companies, forms joint ventures, and engages in internal development. The company concentrates on four key areas of business, and operates these areas through subsidiaries, investments, partnerships, and other business activities.

Voyant Aviation Broadband is the company’s division to bring broadband service to commercial airline passengers during flight time. Partnering with companies such as Harris Corporation, its intent is to design and deliver solutions that provide unique content along with a full suite of broadband services to passengers in flight. Voyant believes the commercial aviation sector represents a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity, and is focusing on this sector with plans to serve the general aviation, military aviation, and Homeland Security markets.

Voyant Wireless is the wireless technology arm of Voyant which produces new, remotely configurable, broadband radios operating in the spectral region from 174 MHz to 1 GHz. These next-generation radios will be custom white-space radios (WSR) used for “green,” energy-efficient, utility and power management. Another focus for the company is Rocket Stream. This wholly owned subsidiary is a designer and deliverer of software technology for rich-media transfers over IP networks like the Internet. The technology suite is comprised of highly integrated components based on RocketStream’s proprietary packet protocols, data encryption technologies, and transport acceleration.

Voyant also has a digital media content division, Voyant Productions, which is dedicated to the production and aggregation of digital media content. This includes feature-length films, television, Internet, and short form content.

Voyant’s corporate goal is to focus on these different areas of business to embrace and further develop the digital world we live in. It sees the potential for shareholders in developing new digital technologies, and is taking the pulse of the current digital environment to ensure Voyant beats in step with it as management guides it to new territories.

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