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Vasogen, Inc. (VSGN) Updates Shareholders

Vasogen Inc. (VSGN) has announced the results from the company’s phase III Clinical trials of the drug “Celacade”. According to findings by Lancet, this drug was able to reduce the risk of death or cardiovascular hospitalizations by 39% when compared to patients receiving a placebo drug.

Chris Waddick, President and CEO of Vasogen, stated, “We believe that the publication of the ACCLAIM results, in a journal renowned for the communication of high-quality peer-reviewed research from around the world, is indicative of the exceptional design and execution of the trial, as well as the important contribution of ACCLAIM in identifying the role of Celacade in the treatment of patients suffering from heart failure. The results published in Lancet will help to underpin the recently announced commercial launch of Celacade in the European Union, where it has already been approved, as well as the initiation of the ACCLAIM-II trial, which is a confirmatory trial in NYHA Class II patients being planned for the purpose of achieving regulatory approval in the United States.”

This particular coverage is focused on all aspects of human health. Lancet aims to publish primary research papers and review concrete clinical trial data. Because The Lancet has a leading network of advisors and contributors, they are able to exceed the need of physicians by adding to their clinical knowledge and alerting them to current issues affecting the practice of medicine worldwide.

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