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Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Launches New Exploration Project

As many people know, uranium-powered facilities currently generate 16 percent of the world’s energy, and that ratio is growing all the time. US-based Uranium Energy Corp. focuses on the In-Situ Recovery (ISR) method; an extraction technique involving the insertion of chemical solvents into a mineral pocket and subsequent harvesting of the resulting solution for processing. Nearly all of the uranium mined in the United States is obtained using the ISR method.

Upon the historically uranium-rich Colorado Plateau lies the Uruvan Mineral Belt, a veritable hotbed of mining activity. Aptly named, the Uruvan Belt is known specifically for the large quantities of uranium and vanadium that have been extracted in the past. It is here that Uranium Energy Corp. controls 12,000 acres of prime-location property claims, covering 15 of the region’s most plentiful mines. Of this group, the company has selected two sites in particular that have exhibited the highest potential in geologic evaluations. UEC has already obtained authorization to commence prospecting operations at these locations from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

Bulk sampling will now be carried out on the claims, known as the Paradox and Bull Canyon projects. The data from these tests will be cross-referenced with historical information on the area to best determine the next course of developmental action. UEC has retained local consultants to conduct the necessary archeological studies to effect the successful progression of the mining application process. If the resulting evidence runs parallel to the region’s history, Uranium Energy Corp. could soon find itself enjoying great prosperity.

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