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UQM Technologies (UQM) partners with ReGen Nautic to delve into Marine Hybrid Electric Market

UQM Technologies Inc., developer and manufacturer of products for the alternative-energy technologies sector, today announced its strategy to enter into the marine hybrid electric market through a partnership with ReGen Nautic USA Inc., in which the companies will develop ultiple hybrid electric marine propulsion systems.

ReGen Nautic is a private company in cahoots with several marine original equipment manufacturers to provide these propulsion systems as energy-saving powertrain options applicable to yachts, trawlers and larger sailing boats.

“Our collaboration with ReGen Nautic showcases the additional growth opportunities when electric propulsion technology is introduced into industries beyond the automotive sector,” Eric Ridenour, UQM Technologies president and CEO stated in the press release. “We believe that combining the application knowledge of ReGen Nautic and the electric motor and controller expertise of our company, we can create systems that greatly improve efficiency, increase performance and offer additional benefits that apply to marine applications.”

UQM Technologies and ReGen Nautic will work collaboratively to integrate UQM PowerPhase® hybrid electric systems into various marine applications, allowing for increased capacity to captures and store energy while reducing the overall weight of the vessel. The design is also expected to increase cruising speeds, reduce maintenance costs, and offer silent operation mode, ultimately delivering better overall vessel performance.

“We are working with UQM to develop several hybrid electric systems for the marine industry that will provide dramatically better performance than even the newest diesel technology,” said Pierre Caouette, ReGen Nautic president and chief operating officer. “Our systems will provide vastly improved reliability and ease of use for the customer, along with the highest standard of safety.”

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