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UQM Technologies, Inc. (UQM) is Motoring Along

From manufacturing dune buggies for recreational enthusiasts in the early 1970’s, to hybrid electric propulsion systems for Humvee’s for evaluation by the U.S. Army today, UQM Technologies is always innovating. They are a developer and manufacturer of power-dense, high efficiency, brushless permanent, magnet electric motors, generators, and power electronic controllers. Headquartered in Frederick, Colorado, they trade on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

Founded in 1967, UQM’s focus now is on transitioning their technology into production-ready, high-performance, and low-cost electric power systems for battery electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles. This will also be for vehicle auxiliaries and distributed power generation. The company offers their customers motor/generator and power electronics manufacturing and application engineering as well as power-system integration services. They also offer custom engineered electric motors, generators, and related electronic converters for the automotive, military, and distributed power markets

UQM Technologies Inc. services also include feasibility studies, specification evaluation, and software development. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, UQM Power Products, Inc., is also in Frederick, Colorado. UQM Power Products conducts motor manufacturing operations and performs the final assembly of UQM® permanent magnet propulsion motors. These are for vehicle auxiliary systems, wheelchairs, compressor drive motors for fuel cells, and fan blower motors used in military aircraft air-conditioning systems. This subsidiary produces electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems, DC-to-DC converters, DC-to-AC electronic power inverters, generators, propulsion motors, vehicle auxiliary actuator motors, electric auxiliary motors, auxiliary power units, and motor controllers.

In July, UQM Technologies Inc. announced that they received vehicle-propulsion system orders during the fiscal first quarter of $2.62 million. These orders are for propulsion motors, generators, and power electronic controllers to drive electric and hybrid electric over-the-road vehicles. UQM began delivering for the orders during the fiscal first quarter ended June 30, 2008. These orders are more than double the comparable orders received during the first quarter in the last fiscal year and exceed the sales value of like hardware for all of last fiscal year. With orders like these, UQM Technologies continues to motor along providing greater benefits for their shareholders and customers alike.

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