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Universal Travel Group (UTA) Provides Update on Chinese Expansion

Universal Travel Group is a growing travel services provider in China. The company provides services such as: hotel reservations, airline bookings, and packaged tours via the internet and through customer service representatives.

The company announced today the successful achievement of new milestones with regard to its Chongqing expansion strategy. Universal Travel also announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with China Telecom to rollout an additional 100 TRIPEASY kiosks equipped with China Telecom’s 3G services in the third quarter.

In Chongqing (a large city in western China), the company has formed partnerships with 50 travel agencies to expand its regional coverage and market share. It has also placed 30 of its revolutionary TRIPEASY kiosks throughout Chongqing in apartment and residential communities to support its retail effort and marketing strategy.

Universal Travel has also formed a strategic partnership with China Telecom, the 2nd largest telecom company in China, to upgrade the company’s TRIPEASY kiosks by enabling them with 3G internet connections. The faster connection will increase efficiency and transaction execution, boost customer satisfaction and increase the number of transactions each kiosk can accommodate. The additional 100 TRIPEASY kiosks being rolled out, which the company will place throughout the Chongqing Delta area, will raise the total number of operational kiosks to about 300.

Chairwoman and CEO of Universal Travel Group, Ms. Jiangping Jiang, talked about the expansion into western China. Western China is where much of the country’s current economic growth is occurring – away from the export-oriented, coastal areas. She said, “We are pleased to report significant progress on our successful expansion into western China, providing another leg of growth for our company.”

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