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Universal Technical Institute Inc. (UTI) Business is at the Heart of Economic Recovery

The Schools Industry of the Services Sector is a favorite hunting ground for strategic stock market investors. Demand for trained people is a certain consequence of economic upturns. Since it takes time to build industrial skills, the Schools Industry typically moves ahead of the rest of the business cycle. Hence, investments in this part of the stock market are optimal when current commercial conditions are relatively depressed. This stock is an excellent small capital opportunity within the Schools Industry.

The Institute offers post-secondary training and qualifications. It helps people prepare for rewarding careers as technicians in all manners of automotive and marine industries. Students can choose from an array of courses that range from simple certification to formal degrees.

The corporation has a network of 10 campuses throughout the United States. It is therefore a major provider of trained people for North America. The business has excellent future growth prospects as well. The company enjoys three distinct strengths in its revenue model. Firstly, technical associations recognize the superior training which the Institute imparts. Secondly, relevant employers support the corporation through recruitment and use initiatives. Finally, the Institute also offers training for members of distribution chains. Overall, investors can look forward to several streams of demand for the courses which the Institute offers.

The stock is attractive in purely financial terms. Capital Spending Growth over the past five years has been 31.66 against 11.85 for the industry. Total Liabilities are less than Total Equity. The stock has ended the third week of March 2008 approximately halfway between its 52-week range of $6.71-27.12.

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