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Universal Detection Technology (UDTT.OB) Teams with Innovative Biosensors (IBI) to Market Biological Detection Systems

Universal Detection Technology (UDTT) and Innovative Biosensors (IBI) entered into a partnership to market and distribute each other’s biosensor equipment along with their own products. Due to the complementary aspects of the products each company manufactures, a partnership between these two companies allows each to broaden the distribution of the equipment that will protect people from biohazard threats.

Innovative Biosensors is based out of Rockville, MD, and develops as well as manufactures rapid testing systems for the detection of pathogens. The BioFlash system is a patented, portable, self-contained biosensor system capable of identifying up to 21 reagents in a single test or multi-test formats in less than 5 minutes. The ability to have a portable and real-time detection system is a great asset in today’s age of biohazard threats.

“IBI’s BioFlash is the first, fully integrated system which combines the collection and real-time identification functions, to provide rapid and cost effective detection and identification of biological threat agents,” said Rick Thomas, Vice President of Business Development for IBI. “IBI’s strategic goal is to continue to evolve through the expansion of our current BioFlash technology system along with partners such as UDTT, to provide total issue encompassing solutions for both military and civilian biothreat protection.”

Universal Detection Technology, in cooperation with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), has developed a real-time continuous detection device that is capable of identifying abnormal amounts of airborne bacterial spores, such as anthrax. The BSM-2000 combines JPL’s spore detection technology with UDTT’s aerosol capture device and provides results in about 15 minutes. UDTT already supplies the US Army with anthrax detection kits and supplies Homeland Security with handheld radiation devices.

“We are very excited to join forces with IBI and we look forward to actively co-market our technologies to users in the United States and around the world,” said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UDTT’s Chief Executive Officer.

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