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UFood Restaurant Group (UFFC) Inks Partnership with Congusto LP to Open 35 UFood Grill Locations

UFood Restaurant Group Inc. has teamed up with Arlington, Texas-based Congusto LP to open 35 UFood Grill locations in the Southwest United States.

Congusto develops restaurants that offer alternative dining designed to promote healthy eating options. The company’s plan to extend its reach to offer healthier, good-tasting food nationwide correlates with UFood Grill’s service of providing healthy options to consumers in the fast-casual restaurant space.

George Naddaff, chairman and CEO of UFood Grill, said the partnership with Congusto reflects both companies’ desire to address increasing consumer interest in healthy food options.

“This 35 unit expansion of UFood Grill is a tremendous reinforcement of a brand dedicated to providing healthier fast-casual food options. We are thrilled to be expanding our brand with Congusto, LP in the Southwest. Like our franchisees, The Hudson Group, JJR Concessions, Puente-Brancato Enterprises, Midfield Concession Enterprises and I.L. Creations, Congusto’s commitment to building a franchise of healthier food options aligns perfectly with the growth goals of UFood Grill. Across the U.S. consumers are demanding high quality, healthier food that tastes great. The general public, large private and government facilities, airports, colleges, are embracing UFood Grill, where delicious meets nutritious,” Naddaff stated at the press release.

Troy Alley Jr., a Congusto partner, praised the partnership with UFood Grill, as well as the opportunity to meet rising demands.

“The opening of 35 brand-new UFood Grill locations throughout the Southwest will have an encouraging impact on all communities. The requests for healthier food options in this country continue to rise and these UFood Grill locations will cater to this demand. The partnership between UFood Grill and Congusto will be a positive new venture, and we look forward to being involved in the promotion of a healthier lifestyle for everyone,” Alley stated.

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