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U.S. Concrete Inc. (RMIX) – A Concrete Plan for Growth

U.S. Concrete Inc. believes they are poised for future growth and that their innovative concrete products and dedication to superior customer service will drive this growth for years to come. Based in Houston, Texas, they serve the U.S. construction industry, operating two segments of their concrete business.

The precast concrete segment of their business produces products in 10 plants in four states, including seven in California. They make their precast concrete with concrete cast in a reusable mold or “form”. They then cure this concrete in a controlled environment and transport them to construction sites where workers lift them into place as needed.

U.S. Concrete Inc. also operates a ready-mixed concrete and concrete-related products segment. They manufacture a product called Site Set, which is a non-chloride concrete that does not promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete. They formulate this concrete so it reduces setting time by up to 50 percent.

The company’s Site Fresh concrete is a product made for hot weather. This type of concrete extends the time limit for ready-mixed concrete on very hot days. In extreme summer temperatures, this concrete allows workers to buy some time so they can work the concrete before it sets. They also make Con-Struct-Lite, which is a structural lightweight concrete material. This lighter concrete reduces gravity weight in structures. It puts less weight on columns, and facilitates designing beams and slabs in buildings.

U.S. Concrete Inc. has 150 fixed, and nine portable, ready-mixed concrete plants. They also have nine pre-cast concrete and three concrete block plants. They have eight aggregates facilities and over 1500 mixing trucks. These plants, and equipment, supply contractors and developers around the country.

The company also provides resale materials, products, and tools, which contractors use in concrete construction. These include drop-ship sand and rock freight, hand tools, power tools, and lumber. They also provide waterproofing materials and safety gear and products.

U.S. Concrete trades on NASDAQ. Their current market capitalization is 230.52M. The company continues with their concrete plans to provide innovative concrete products to their customers.

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