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Tronox Inc. (TRX) – A Leader in Titanium Dioxide Pigment

Oklahoma City-based Tronox Inc. (TRX) is the world’s third-largest producer and marketer of titanium dioxide pigment. Tronox has a 13% market share globally. The company’s five pigment plants, which are located in the US, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands, supply high-performance products to approximately 1,100 customers in 100 countries.

The company’s main product is titanium dioxide, which is a white pigment used in a range of products for its ability to impart whiteness, brightness, and opacity. Tronox’s pigment products are used in coatings, plastics, and paper, as well as various specialty products such as inks, foods, and cosmetics.

The company also offers a range of other products. These other products include: electrolytic manganese dioxide, which is used as active cathode material for alkaline batteries; lithium managanese dioxide, which is used as rechargeable battery material; sodium chlorate for the pulp and paper industry; and also specialty chemical gas boron trichloride along with elemental boron.

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