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Tri-Tech Holding Inc. (TRIT) to Attend 2nd Beijing International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology & Equipment Expo

Tri-Tech Holding Inc., a company that develops and implements integrated hardware and software solutions to aid Chinese government institutions monitor and manage natural and municipal water supplies, has announced that the Company will be attending the 2nd Beijing International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology & Equipment Expo held at the China World Trade Center in Beijing from May 8-10th, 2011. The theme of the expo this year will be to “promote industrial development and contingencies for disaster prevention and relief.”

Tri-Tech will be presenting its proprietary products and systems, which includes the mountain torrent monitoring and warning system platforms. Also being displayed will be the disaster relief hydration solutions with forward osmotic filtration technology, which is provided by Tri-Tech’s American Partner HTI.

The exhibition will be co-hosted by the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, the National Disaster Reduction Committee Office, China Disaster Prevention Association, and the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The main goal of the conference will be to promote advanced communications and cooperation for disaster contingency planning and to bring forth international advanced disaster emergency management systems, technologies, supplies, and equipment.

Presently, an excess of 200+ domestic and foreign enterprises are also registered for the expo. The expo has also attracted the support and participation of international organizations, such as the UN Procurement Promotion Association, the Taipei City Fir Department, the Japan-China Economic and Trade Center and the Korean Disaster Prevention Association, among others. The exhibits will present various disaster relief equipment, disaster relief reserve materials, residential emergency products and other related fields.

Mr. Warren Zhao, CEO of Tri-Tech Holding, said, “Tri-Tech is honored to be invited to exhibit at the 2nd Beijing International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology & Equipment Expo. This is a valuable opportunity to showcase our products, technologies and development philosophy. Last year we participated in two large regional exhibitions and forums, Water/Wastewater Technologies at China International Eco-City Forum in Tianjin Binhai New Area and the 5th China International Water Summit Forum in Beijing, which expanded our company’s vision of business and communication. In 2011, we will continue to participate in exhibitions, forums and other communication channels to display our products, technologies and corporate image. These forums also enable us to remain current with the industry’s advanced technologies and concepts while we enhance our company’s exposure and visibility in the industry, thereby increasing market opportunities and accumulating potential client resources.”

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