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TII Network Technologies, Inc. (TIII) is Behind Reliable Telecommunications

This small capital stock from the Electronic Instrumentation & Controls Industry has had a quarter that will please investors. Earnings have climbed four times over the same period for the previous year. Sales have jumped 50 percent to $12 million. Full year 2007 results have also recorded impressive growth over 2006. The results are better than the average achieved by the Electronic Instrumentation & Controls Industry.

The company is in the business of connecting electronic equipment and protecting networks from dangerous power surges. Service providers can also check their networks from remote locations, and separate voice and data transmission. The management has developed a revenue line as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, apart from direct business with wireless telecommunication service providers. The company’s products meet the statutory boundaries between telecommunication service providers and network subscribers. Industrial branding is strong, with an established reputation for reliability. This image has been built steadily over four decades.

The Price to Earnings Ratio has been less than 5 over the last four quarters. Competitors in the Electronic Instrumentation & Controls Industry have been at over 17 for the key ratio during this period. The company has just 54 employees with exceptional productivity compared to per-head revenue generation in the industry. The stock price has been at $2.08 at the start of the second fortnight of April 2008. This is against a 52-week high of $2.83. More than 80% of the 13.51 million stocks are available for retail investors.

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