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The Somber but Essential Business of Security National Financial Corp. (SNFCA)

Security National Financial Corp. is from the Insurance (Life) Industry, but it also provides pre-need services for funerals in California, Utah, and Arizona. The company owns cemeteries and mortuaries in these states. This activity is on top of standard life, accident, and health insurance products. The marketing organization sells both insurance and funeral-related services. This is not a pleasant line of work, but one of tremendous social value nevertheless. The company is also an authorized mortgage agent in several important states. It offers loans for offices and homes. The company has a network of distributors and agents for this mortgage business.

This diverse and relevant portfolio lends strength to the stock. Sales have grown annually by over 15% during the Most Recent Quarter, while the industry has declined during this difficult period. The company has steadily increased its share of the life insurance industry during the past five years. The management has also invested in the future of the business. The five-year Capital Spending Growth Rate has been over 17%: the industry has managed less than 7% in this respect during the corresponding period.

The stock price has opened May 2008 at $3.70. It has climbed fairly rapidly from a 52-week low of $2.60. The Price to Earnings Ratio is just over 13. The management has proven its abilities to grow the business in the most challenging conditions. The combination of life insurance, mortgages, and funeral services has relatively assured demand.

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