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Teton Energy Corp. (TEC) Has Extraordinary Business Strength

Every investor dreams of discovering top small capital stock picks. Here is a possible candidate. The market capitalization is less than $90 million at the end of the first week of April 2008, and shares are available for less than $5. What does Teton have that is so exciting in business terms?

The company is truly independent in every sense of the term. Institutions own less than 40% of the stock. All its natural energy assets are in the North American continent; no Chavez can take away its assets on a whim. Natural gas makes up the vast majority of the company’s proven reserves, providing clean energy from a green business perspective.

The company has an amazing share of the energy wealth under the Rocky Mountains. It has exploration interests in over a million gross acres of some of the richest oil and gas reserves in the world. This Denver, CO based stock is in the right place at a critical juncture of US economic history. The company has a deliberate strategy of applying resources to comparatively low-risk drilling prospects.

The approach has worked. Sales have nearly doubled annually during the most recent quarter. Total debt-to-equity has been just 0.20 during the period. The five-year average gross margin tops 90%, while the net profit margin over the last four quarters has been an impressive 38.01%.

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