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Tennant Company (TNC) Provides Sure Footing

Founded in 1870 by George H. Tennant as a Minneapolis sawmill producing wood products and flooring for local businesses, Tennant Company today is a global enterprise trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they design, manufacture, and market solutions that promote cleaning and safety as a major player in the floor care industry.

Tennant has, aside from their Minneapolis office, a European headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. They also have manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Michigan, and Minnesota. Worldwide, they have facilities in The Netherlands; the United Kingdom; and China. Overall, the company operates with staff in the U.S. Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

They produce products, which include equipment to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces. They also produce coatings for repairing, protecting, and adding aesthetically pleasing finishes to concrete floors. In addition, they also offer equipment parts, service, maintenance, and financing.

Their Equipment category includes rider and walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers, carpet extractors, burnishers, vacuums, polishers, and outdoor cleaning equipment. Their Service, Parts, and Supplies category consists of customer service representatives, a broad field service network, and parts and consumables ordering. The company’s Specialty Surface Coatings category includes coatings, sealers, and resurfacers to protect concrete floors and make them easier to clean.

Tennant’s customers are maintenance professionals responsible for indoor and outdoor environments, as well as building service contractors. Tennant serves the health care, retail, hospitality, and aviation industries. They also sell to warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution facilities, educational institutions, government facilities, and food and beverage manufacturing and preparation facilities. They market their products via a direct sales force and distributors.

With a corporate mission to provide superior cleaning and floor care solutions that increase customer productivity and improve health and safety, Tennant Company covers a lot of ground. They continue to innovate with products that contribute to quality floor care. They hope to continue to provide for shareholders who do not want to slip, trip or fall when it comes to investing.

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