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Technology Research Corp. (TRCI) Stock Represents Core American Industrial and Business Values

First it was the industrial success of post-World War II Japan. Then the scene shifted to the remarkable BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) towards the end of the last century. An international cartel of oil producing countries continues to reap exceptional economic benefits from our dependencies on gasoline and heating oil. The cacophony of admiration for the progress of other countries drowns out the classic industrial values of domestic corporations in the United States.

Here is a small capital stock from Clearwater, FL. It is a stock for every American to own with pride. The company epitomizes top customer values, business ethics that will meet the most stringent standards, technological excellence, and quality business management practices as well.

The company is engaged in saving lives in many senses of the term. Its products detect power leakages along transmission lines, help to prevent fires, and control a variety of electrical devices. It also provides guards against electric shocks. The U.S. military, and some of its most important suppliers, are the most prestigious clients of this company.

Some stock investors may consider the number 13 to be unlucky, but it is a tribute in this case. The company has been awarded for excellence by a Defense Supply Center for 13 years in a row. This is an unparalleled recognition for a U.S. corporation of any size.

The stock has a yield of 2.70. The Price to Earnings Ratio is 23.57. The Payout Ratio over the last four quarters is 63.24. The five-year Earning per Share Growth Rate is 46.53.

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