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Technitrol Inc. (TNL) is Part of Your World

There’s a good chance some of the everyday products you use contain a Technitrol component inside them. With headquarters in Trevose, Pennsylvania, they are a producer of electronic components, electrical contacts and assemblies, as well as other precision-engineered parts and materials. As part of the Diversified Electronics industry in the Technology sector the company trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Technitrol Inc. produces their products for manufacturers in the data networking, broadband/Internet access, and telecommunications industry. The company also produces for the military/aerospace, automotive, and electrical equipment industries. They supply a myriad of household name manufacturers. The company operates in two main business segments.

Their “Pulse” Electrical Components segment comprised 65 percent of their 2007 sales. This segment engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of passive electronic components. This includes transformers, filters, chokes, inductors, delay lines, and component modules. Pulse is also a leading producer of antennas for wireless handsets and other terminal devices. In addition, they make a variety of coils for automotive ignition systems and controls. Their advanced electronic ignition coils maximize engine power and fuel economy.

The company’s Electrical Contact Products segment comprised 35 percent of 2007 sales. This segment, called AMI DODUCO, produces electrical contacts, contact materials, and contact assemblies. Their main markets are appliances, automotive, commercial and industrial machinery, construction and electric power generation and distribution. This segment also offers refining, electroplating, and precious metal recovery services. They operate in North America, Europe, and Asia. This segment’s precision electrical contacts find use in circuit breakers and motor starters.

Technitrol Inc. continues to contribute to that electric feeling their customers need. They constantly research and develop to bring innovative electronic components, electrical contacts, and other products to market. They seek to build shareholder value by delivering products and services that optimize performance, reliability and cost for their many customers.

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