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Synvista Therapeutics Inc. (SYI) Stock Could Set New Standards for Healthcare

The management of diabetes is one of the largest therapeutic segments of the Healthcare sector. Surveys have repeated established that modern diets and lifestyles tend to impair glucose metabolism in people. Moreover, some ethnic groups prevalent in emerging economies are genetically more vulnerable to diabetes than mainstream Americans. The business implication is that diabetes management is a large and growing worldwide healthcare segment.

Neuropathy and acute cardiac events are serious side-effects of diabetes. The disease may have no apparent symptoms, so large numbers of patients may suffer from the condition without timely detection. This company has a focus on detecting cardiac pathologies in diabetics, and on treating ventricular heart failure as well as neuropathies. The company has recently concluded animal studies on key proprietary technology related to testing people with diabetes. The test will help doctors evaluate patients with diabetes for probabilities the disease will lead to cardiac emergencies.

The stock has traded towards the end of the first week of April 2008 at just $2. 21. The market capitalization is about $6 million. A distinguished physician and medical researcher is at the helm of the company. Institutions own 67% of the stock. The stock has superior prospects as it heads towards commercialization of its exclusive know-how. Investors also stand to gain from possible inorganic growth moves. The company has recently commenced development of an out-licensed candidate drug. This will take the company into the niche market for psoriasis, an inflammatory disease. A new approach to its management could open prospects for other related conditions.

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