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StockEgg Featured Company: LJ International Inc. (JADE) Posts Income of $1.83 million or .08 per Share

An attractive product is always a nice benefit when it comes to selling craft items. Efficiency in making the products is even better. If a company can put together an efficient manufacturing operation for one-of-a-kind looking products, they are ready to reap substantial rewards without the customer knowing the product was produced under standardized conditions.

Jade International Inc., a jewelry designer/manufacturing company, works along the entire vertical spectrum to design, manufacture, distribute and sell a full line of high-quality jewelry. The company prides itself on its “mine to market” strategy by offering its designs to department stores, high-end jewelry chains, and global operations such as Sam’s Club. From a jewelry market perspective, the company is known for its gem jewelry and colorful stone pieces laid in white gold and Sterling silver.

Manufacturing over 2 million pieces of jewelry per year, the company has had to invest significantly in design and manufacturing equipment to keep pace with increasing orders. Standardization and technology are the keys. Operating from a 100,000 sq. /ft. facility with additional sq. /ft. available, the company has set a standard that many are trying to match.

Within the Asian marketplace, the company retails its products under the ENZO label, a brand fully recognizable in China and Asia as a whole. Interestingly, the company also has assets unrelated to the jewelry market in and around Hong Kong – its home base of operations. Commercial property, primarily for lease, is a nice addition to the company’s bottom line. In most cases, this might be missed as any sort of addition to a company’s balance sheet but – since the property is located in Hong Kong – it takes on a significance that should not be ignored given city valuations.

Even though the world is having its economic issues at the moment, the high-end jewelry market is usually the last area where it might be felt, if at all. The company has its jewelry drills running at full pace and looks to be ready to slip some profit onto its ring finger.

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