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Spire Corp. (SPIR) Sees the Sunny Side of Business

You can’t blame Spire Corp. for basking in the sunshine of success when it comes to their business. As a leading provider of products and services to the solar energy, biomedical, and optoelectronics industries, they seek to provide innovative products for their customers. With three wholly owned subsidiaries, Spire is a diversified technology company.

Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, Spire Corp. is part of the Research Services business sector. They list on NASDAQ and have a market capitalization of $96M. They began as a corporation in 1969. Today, they own Spire Solar, Spire Biomedical, and Spire Semiconductor.

Spire Solar believes there is room for continued growth in their sector because of the need for clean, alternative energy sources. Spire believes the need to reduce dependence on oil may help drive the growth of Spire Solar. They have more than 30 patents relating to solar cell and module manufacturing. They provide businesses who want to enter the solar power-manufacturing sector with the components they need to build a quality manufacturing process. Spire designs and provides automated manufacturing equipment for the production of photovoltaic components.

Spire Biomedical has been at the forefront of medical devices manufacturing for a while. They make advanced, long-term hemodialysis catheters and other medical equipment. They also deliver medical instrument enhancements through their customized surface treatments. These surface treatments improve the performance capabilities of medical instruments. This ensures these devices are more wear-resistant and more infection-resistant, as well as providing other benefits.

Spire Semiconductor provides foundry services, thin film products, and device fabrication for the defense, biomedical, telecommunication and consumer product markets. They also specialize in wafer epitaxy, an interface between a thin film and a semiconductor crystal used as a base. Spire Semiconductor scientists, engineers, and technicians work with Spire’s clients to provide components that make their products function on the cutting-edge in their industry sectors.

Spire Corp. believes the future is bright when it comes to their diversified product base across the three subsidiaries they own. They continue to research and develop products in the fields of biomaterials, medical implants, biophotonics instrumentation, and life sciences. They also research and develop products in defense electronics, homeland security, alternative energy, and telecommunications. With these specialized focuses, Spire sees the sunny side of business and continues to innovate.

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