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Sonic Solutions (SNIC) Gains Market Bandwidth by Adding Windows Mobile Support for Roxio CinemaNow

Sonic Solutions®, the software developer and digital media provider renowned for its solutions, announced yesterday that the Roxio CinemaNow™ platform can now deliver digital movies directly to Windows Mobile.

Sonic Solutions, which offers products like Roxio®, which lets people manage and transfer their video assets; the Hollywood to Home™ range of offerings; and Roxio CinemaNow™, which brings premium content to a wide range of devices, is pleased to announce its newest addition, which extends the market penetration capabilities of the Roxio CinemaNow™ platform and offers both content providers and retailers with another means to provide engaging media to a worldwide audience.

The Roxio CinemaNow™ platform adds Windows Mobile Operating System device support to the list, alongside Android-based smartphones and DivX Certified® devices, as well as an ever-growing range of connected devices which provide partners with the ability to serve premium content across a plethora of outputs.

With connected TVs, Set-top boxes, mobile media players, Blu-ray Disc players, PCs and netbooks all able to act as throughput for the powerful media platform, there are more ways than ever for customers to view next-day TV shows and premium movies and other content.

President and CEO of SNIC Dave Habiger spoke of the two decades of “device and format expertise” which are the means to harnessing the power of the Company’s media platform to deliver digital content in a way that is more convenient and flexible.

Pledging to continue adding support for additional platforms and the creation of an open system that puts power into the hands of consumers, who can buy a piece of media once and “seamlessly play it back on virtually any type of device with a screen”, Habiger also pointed out how stores such as Best Buy and Blockbuster are using the CinemaNow platform to enable customers to rent or purchase content for their favorite device, and how the online entertainment locker even offered content ordered on other devices.

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