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MissionIR Blog Featured Company: CDC Corp. (CHINA) – Solid Performance in a Solid Market

Every MBA thinks that they have the right ideas for getting product from point “A” to point “B” in the most efficient manner possible. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a product that actually did the same thing in half the time? Maybe there is?

CDC Software, Inc., a vertically integrated software company, posted preliminary sales records for the fourth quarter 2007. The company’s primary focus is customer driven enterprise software designed to aid in every aspect of efficient production and delivery of product and services to merchant and/or customer. CDC Software, Inc. also operates, an internet portal directed at mainland China.

Enterprise software is an exceptionally profitable area to be working in at the moment. Where many software companies, in general, have been posting respectable gains, enterprise software is posting solid gains. CDC Software, Inc. operates all along the enterprise chain making its ability to attract a variety of potential customers that much easier. Manufacturing to customer response, enterprise software is offered to a variety of diverse customers so that they can get their product there on-time and when it is supposed to be there, every time.

Perhaps being overshadowed by the enterprise software successes that the company is having is the portal to mainland China. The site might be compared to the MSN site that most internet users are familiar with. Having control (or what passes for control when dealing with mainland China) of a portal site such as this offers many possible advantages as Chinese internet users pass 200 million and businesses become a bit more savvy with the ins-and-outs of doing business in China using the internet.

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