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Secrets of the Extraordinary Cano Petroleum Inc. (CFW) Beta

The actual price of this small capital Oil & Gas Operations Industry stock near the middle of May, 2008, was $7.50. The 52-week low is nearly 50% lower at $3.85. The price trend over the 30 days ended May 15, 2008 has been unequivocal in support of investor support. What gives?

This company from Fort Worth, TX specializes in the economical working of mature oil and gas wells. It has a special method of increasing yield. This business model bypasses all risks associated with exploration. The present values of all its investments are safer than the enormous risks other stocks from this industry must endure. Investors are also protected from quirks of foreign governments since all company resources and revenues are indigenous to the United States.

A central corporate strategy in this company is to enter new segments of the industry before competition develops. This is how it builds long term values for the stock that later entrants cannot erode. The company has assembled a galaxy of domain experts who help identify the best investment opportunities in the industry.

The Most Recent Quarter has seen an annual revenue growth of 98%. Operations have generated a surplus against a loss during the corresponding period of 2007. Interest costs have been brought down. The international oil price scenario signals blue skies ahead for the stock.

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