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Sciele Pharma Inc. (SCRX) is Working to Improve Health and Quality of Life

With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Sciele Pharma Inc. is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the sales, marketing, and development of branded prescription products for cardiovascular and diabetes patients, as well as women’s health applications, and pediatrics. The company trades on the NASDAQ and has a current market capitalization of $688.91M.

Founded in 1992, Sciele Pharma’s cardiovascular and diabetes products treat patients with high cholesterol, hypertension, high triglycerides, unstable angina, and Type 2 diabetes. Their women’s health products are for improving the health and well-being of women in general, and mothers and their babies. The company’s pediatrics products are for the treatment of allergies, asthma, coughs and colds, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

December 2006 saw Sciele Pharma Inc. make an agreement with Biovail® to promote Zovirax® Cream for the treatment of recurrent cold sores and Zovirax® Ointment for the management of initial genital herpes. They are developing Glycopyrrolate to treat chronic moderate-to-severe drooling in pediatric patients, which often results from cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. The company’s line of products include New Formulation Sular® tablets, Fenoglide™ tablets, and Altoprev® Tablets, among others in their cardiovascular and diabetes drug products category.

Their women’s health products are Prenate DHA® capsules, Prenate Elite® tablets, OptiNate® tablets, Fosteum® capsules, and Ponstel® capsules. In their pediatrics line, the company has Twinject® Auto Injector, Methylin® Chewable tablets, and Rondec®-DM syrup, among others. The company also has other drug products outside of these three main categories.

On July 8, Sciele Pharma, Inc. announced that they have completed their phase III safety trial utilizing a liquid formulation of Glycopyrrolate to treat chronic, moderate-to-severe drooling in pediatric patients. They designed this trial to evaluate safety parameters for Glycopyrrolate over a six-month period. Glycopyrrolate received orphan drug designation from the FDA in June 2006. The FDA’s orphan drug designation is to provide incentives to encourage the development of drugs for diseases affecting fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. Following FDA approval, the Orphan Drug Act provides drug market exclusivity for a period of seven years for a product’s orphan indication.

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