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Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (ROSG) Inks Agreements with Two Israel-based Research Centers

Rosetta Genomics Ltd., a leading developer and provider of microRNA-based molecular diagnostics, today announced it has signed two new agreements pertaining to the development and validation of microRNA-based diagnostics related to its Gen 3 products.

The agreements with Israel-based Tel Hashomer Medical Research Infrastructure and Services Ltd. and Israel-based Carmel Medical Center are part of what Rosetta Genomics called an “integral part” to its product development process.

The Gen 3 tests will analyze cardiovascular indications, neurodegenerative diseases, women’s health and early detection of certain cancers, and are designed to leverage the capabilities and samples to identify microRNA biomarkers extracted from body fluids.

“One of Rosetta Genomics’ core strengths is our ability to rapidly advance high-value diagnostics through our development engine. Toward that end, we have made significant scientific and technological advances that allow us to optimize the extraction of microRNAs from various body fluids. We are using these capabilities to advance the development of our first body fluids-based tests, which are also our first line of tests outside of oncology,” Kenneth A. Berlin, president and CEO of Rosetta Genomics stated in the press release.

Berlin said the goal is to get proof-of-concept data for at least one of the company’s Gen 3 products this year, and that early data suggests positive potential for the products applications, as well as future agreements.

“With encouraging preliminary data in two of these Gen 3 indications already, Rosetta will be conducting studies to determine if these results hold up over larger sample sizes. We remain very encouraged by the important role microRNAs can play in the future of diagnostics as they are informative in a wide range of pathological indications, allowing us the flexibility to focus on a multitude of disease areas, and develop high-value diagnostics addressing significant unmet medical needs,” Berlin stated. “We look forward to entering into additional agreements relating to our Gen 3 products in the coming months.”

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