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Revolutions Medical Corp. (RMCP) is “One to Watch”

Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, Revolutions Medical Corp. develops and distributes new products and tools to the medical industry. Trading on the OTCBB, they operate in the safety-engineered medical devices (SEMDs) arena. The company engages in development and distribution either through internal projects or via acquisitions.

Revolutions Medical Corporation’s product portfolio includes the RevVac safety syringe, safety blood drawing device, and safety IV catheter. The Company also provides RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D. These software solutions and proprietary tools are compatible with standard MRIs and standard PACS. The software suite’s functionality includes sorting of images, color, 3D and automatic segmentation of images.

The RevVac Safety Syringe uses patented technology to draw the needle into the syringe chamber after use, for safety. This safety syringe may result in a major decrease in accidental needle stick injuries. The RevVac Safety Syringe also has an additional safety feature. It will not allow the reuse of the syringe. This may decrease the spread of blood borne diseases. This safety syringe also allows for one-handed use. This is important for health care practitioners or medical personnel as there are no clamps, sheaths, or other complex safety features that require use of both hands.

Since 2008, Revolutions Medical Corporation has achieved various company goals. Highlights include acquiring 100 percent of Clear Image Acquisition Corporation, the developer of their MRI software technology. They also received FDA 510K clearance for their RevVac safety syringe. They began cultivating relationships with more than 50 distributors globally. They now will initiate the process of signing distribution agreements with those that fit their criteria to distribute their products.

In addition, the Company launched the initial steps of the RevVac manufacturing process for the 3ml safety syringe. They also formed a distribution partnership with Libra International in South America. This is the first of many targeted worldwide syringe markets for Revolutions Medical Corporation.

For 2010, Revolutions Medical has several initiatives. They will continue to expand their family of safety syringes, blood drawing devices and other products in aesthetics, and other areas. The company will work to sign up distributors nationally and worldwide and license additional syringe manufacturers.

They will also integrate MRI tools into a delivery platform, as well as receive validation of MRI tools with major teaching hospitals and experts in the various applicable fields of medicine. Revolutions Medical will also confirm additional MRI diagnostic applications such as Alzheimer’s, concussion, cardiac disease and breast disease. These initiatives are just a sample of the many they will undertake in 2010.

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