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Rentech Inc. (RTK) is Developing Clean Energy Solutions

For Rentech Inc., the drive for clean energy solutions is the company’s focus. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Rentech is a leading synthetic fuels technology and development company. Incorporated in 1981, they develop technologies that transform under-utilized energy resources into clean alternative fuels. Rentech trades on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

They have developed their Rentech Process, which is an advanced form of the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Process. Fischer-Tropsch is a gas-to-liquid process, originated in 1923, to produce synthetic fuel. The Fischer-Tropsch process is a catalyzed chemical reaction in which synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, converts into liquid hydrocarbons of various forms. Based on this, the Rentech Process, developed over a 25-year period, can convert a wide array of carbon-bearing materials, such as biomass and municipal solid waste, into ultra clean fuels and chemicals. The company has patented their Rentech Process.

Rentech has developed and licenses their Fischer-Tropsch coal-to-liquids (CTL) and gas-to-liquids (GTL) process. This process converts synthesis gas made from coal, petroleum coke, natural gas, and other solid or liquid carbon-bearing materials into valuable products. These products include ultra-low sulfur and ultra-low aromatic transportation fuels known as Fischer-Tropsch Diesel (FTD). Other products produced from this process are naphtha, specialty waxes, petrochemical feedstock, fuel-cell feedstock, and synthetic lubricant base stock products. Naphtha is a petroleum-based chemical used primarily as feedstock for producing a high-octane gasoline.

Rentech hopes to be one of the leaders in FT development for the long-term. They are developing their 10-12 barrel per day Product Development Unit at Sand Creek in Commerce City, Colorado. This will become a fully integrated coal-to-liquids facility. The intent of this project is to produce test quantities of ultra-clean fuels, provide operating training, and be the company’s center for FT technology advancement.

With these goals, Rentech continues to work to bring about clean fuel alternatives to market. They hope their efforts add to the greening of the global environment and reduce American dependency on foreign oil. They also hope to drive shareholder value through their continued development of the Rentech Process.

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