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Reed’s, Inc (REED) Announces Stronger Partnership with Sprouts Farmers Markets

Reed’s, traded on NASDAQ, is in the natural foods business, specializing in brewed ginger beverages. Reed’s has also expanded into ginger candy and ice cream products. Clearly passionate about the herb’s benefits, Reeds goes on to explain (on their website) that “Ginger is traditionally used to improve digestion, cure motion and morning sickness and for general health. The latest research is showing ginger to be anti-cancer, to lower cholesterol, and in Europe it is used as an arthritis medicine.”

The stronger partnership announcement with Sprouts, a large health grocer in the Phoenix area with 26 locations, will cover the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions for Reeds, and positions Reed’s in more mainstream stores in the region. This news is on the tail of the announcement last week of Reed’s agreement with Ralph’s California-based supermarket chain.

Reed’s is currently trading around $2.16, near its 52-week low of $1.50. Its 52-week high, hit nearly a year ago, was $10.90. In March of 2008, a number of marketing and sales vice presidents were replaced. Right after that, the company started making a lot of positive moves. This latest announcement is one of them.

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