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Reed’s Inc. (REED) Adds 215 Ralph’s Supermarket Stores to Distribution Chain

Reeds Inc., a brewer/manufacturer and marketer of all-natural beverage, candy and ice cream products, works to offer natural food products primarily to the California market. The company’s primary lines of product feature the herb, ginger, but it also offers lines of carbonated cola, cream soda and root beer. At present, the company is selling its product lines through 10,500 supermarket, gourmet and natural food store outlets.

The company has been finding great success with adding large direct-to-chain outlets. Its most recent addition is the 215 outlets of Ralph’s Supermarkets – a division of Kroger Inc. The company’s product line has been included as an integral part of Ralph’s current advertising campaign, with inclusion in two currently running television ads. It has also been included within Ralph’s Optimum Wellness Program. From a general perspective, Reed’s is positioned to take full advantage of all marketing and promotional opportunities that Ralph’s has to offer.

The addition of more supermarket outlets is allowing the company to take advantage of store promotions on an increasing basis. This is an important aspect of the company’s cost-conscious culture. The current consolidation of the California distribution chain has tended to put more pressure on the company to advertise and market its products. In this respect, the addition of Ralph’s Supermarkets is an added bonus. As commodity prices continue to pressure all businesses, Reed’s is working at a solid clip to offset these effects on the company. The “new-age” category of the food segment is an expanding one and Reed’s is positioned nicely to take advantage.

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