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RedChip Featured Company: Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM)

Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM) is a leading provider of on-demand, live rich media, specializing in online audio and video corporate communications. Onstream’s digital asset management ASP technology provides tools for webcasting, web-conferencing, and content publishing services to help increase any organization’s productivity and revenue in an affordable and secure environment.

With the vast amount of digital media available, companies often face the challenge of combining various elements into an integrated format. Onstream provides users with a set of tools to streamline the integration of data, video, and voice across multiple geographies. Onstream’s mission is to reduce client costs by eliminating the need to build, manage, and operate their own media management infrastructure through the use of its secure hosted platform.

Onstream has a number of media services including web-casting, web-conferencing, a digital media platform, and entertainment services. The web-casting services allow companies to broadcast announcements over the internet with the ability to access slides and video, include interactive Q&A sessions, and conduct audience polling. The web-conference services allow users to share applications, create a whiteboard to exchange free-form text or drawings, text message with other participants, and even record the event. The digital media platform enables users to encode, store, collaborate, retrieve, and distribute rich media libraries of unlimited size via an IP-based global network. Finally, Onstream’s Entertainment Digital Network subsidiary (EdNet) provides the entertainment and advertising industries with a global connection for production and post-production facilities, music labels, producers, and directors. High-quality audio, compressed video and multimedia data can be accessed through its network of almost 200 international associates and over 600 North American affiliates.

Onstream has created partnerships with a number of companies to ensure the quality of the services they provide. Onstream partners with leading independent software and technology platform providers, such as Adobe, Microsoft, SAIC, and RealPlayer, to continue to provide a reliable and scalable solution to its customers. As greater numbers of companies turn to the internet to enhance internal and external communication, the more important Onstream’s services will become.

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