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RedChip Featured Company: New Generation Biofuel Holdings, Inc. (GNB)

New Generation Biofuel Holdings, Inc. (GNB) is a company focused on developing advanced renewable technology with the hope to provide clients with quality biofuel options. The company currently is utilizing a proprietary process to develop second-generation biofuels that can be used in place of diesel or distillation fuel oils.

New Generation has developed a blended biofuel product that can be manufactured from a number of new or recycled feedstocks including palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil, Jatropha oil, yellow grease, recycled vegetable oils or animal fats. The ability to manufacture the biofuel from different base materials provides flexibility when there are food issues, sustainability problems, or fluctuations in feedstock prices. The New Generation biofuels are manufactured through a simple emulsification process at a lower cost than the transesterification process used for first-generation biofuels.

New Generation currently has a pilot plant located outside Cincinnati, Ohio that has a three million gallon per year capacity. The biofuels are produced virtually sulfur-free and with very little nitrogen oxide or carbon emissions. Not only does the plant have a low environmental impact, the actual footprint for a New Generation manufacturing plant is dramatically smaller than a traditional biodiesel refinery. A 5,000 square foot plant has the ability to produce up to 25 million gallons of biofuel per year.

The use of New Generation biofuels can also contribute to reducing global climate changes. The emulsion process does not produce any by-products, while the storage tanks are not susceptible to microbiological growth as seen in traditional biofuel refineries. The biofuels themselves burn cleaner due to the lower emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other hazardous particulate emissions, as well as the elimination of sulphur dioxide (SO2). Finally, the biofuels have a higher level of lubricity, which extends engine life, are biodegradable and are non-toxic.

New Generation Biofuels holds an exclusive license for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean for the manufacture of its biofuel products. Current applications for the biofuels include power generation fuel in combustion turbines and power boilers, heating oil, marine engines, and transportation vehicles. It looks like New Generation has a fuel product that might meet the needs of those looking to go green when they’re on the move.

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