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Rainmaker Systems Inc. (RMKR) Announces Launch of New Client for Next-generation B2B Platform

Rainmaker Systems Inc., a leading global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions designed to drive online sales and renewals for products, subscriptions and training for clients and their channel partners, has launched a new e-commerce client on its next-generation B2B e-commerce platform.

The client, a Fortune 500 networking equipment manufacturer, has deployed Rainmaker’s solutions to generate higher revenues in its SMB market by encouraging customers to swap their old networking equipment for new ones from the client.

Rainmaker then steps in to manage the transaction and to drive higher revenues for the clients’ SMB marketplace.

“We are very pleased to be awarded this key new program with an industry leader, reflecting the proven ability of our unique solution that combines B2B online sales and global sales agents to help companies drive more revenue,” Rainmaker CEO Michael Silton stated in the press release. “As the industry continues to mature, we are seeing large companies consistently taking the best practices seen in one product line and expanding that online capability to support multiple product lines globally.”

While Rainmaker opted to not name the client, the company said the client has a complex product suite and corresponding trade-in program that requires product search capability, as well as requires the ability to process multiple transactions under one submission and the provision of proactive customer support when necessary.

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